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Cost of a Beginner Violin Set?

I’m planning on buying a violin, and since I’m a beginner, I’m getting a $200 dollar one. Could someone tell me how much in all would all of these items cost? :
– violin
– rosin
– violin case
– bow
– (optional) music stand
– violin lessons
– shoulder pad

Some of them come with something (like the bow and the violin), but I’d like to know how much they cost. And if I’ve left something out that is needed, please tell me that as well. I currently have about $250-$300 in savings.

It’s not much to get it all (or so I think), but if you can tell me the price for what’s needed in that price range, please do so. But if not, just tell me the overall price and I’ll do something about it.

you can usually find beginner sets that include a violin, bow and case for around $200-300. The best thing to do is to go to a shop in your area, since they will be able to help you get started. They can also help you find a private instructor within your price range. most instructors in my area charge between $20-40 for a half hour lesson but it might be different in your area.

rosin and a music stand shouldn’t cost over $10 each. cost of shoulder pad will vary too. Mine was $30, but that was 8 years ago and I haven’t had to replace it so I don’t know how much they cost now.

go in to a string shop. look in the yellow pages or search online.

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