Rothenburg Violins

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What is the best violin brand?

I just bought a Rothenburg violin and was wondering it is a good violin or a bad one.
If it is a bad violin what is the best brand?

don’t base your opinion of a violin on the brand of it. opinion should be based on the sound of it, because that’s the purpose of the violin. as long as it sounds great, and you are happy with it, then brand should not matter.
i began playing with a knilling violin…and it’s got a great tone. i took it to state contest with me last year, and it’s only a $1000 violin.
not all violins have a “brand”. typically if it’s better quality, then it isn’t classifed by brand, it will be classified by it’s maker.
i don’t know anything about rothenburgs….if you’re just a beginner, have your teacher look at it, and they can give you a professional opinion.
usually any violin priced $800 or more is good quality…that’s what my teacher said anyway.

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