Roy Smeck

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How do you string a Harmony, Roy smeck, 5 string banjo?

Do I need to have those little brass donuts or can I hook the string to the flanges?

Does the thing not have strings on it now?

If there are little hooks (flanges?) at the bridge end, then you will use loop-end strings. Any standard 5-string set should do; try

Loop the string on the bridge end, run it up and through its tuner, leave enough slack so that you can run the tuner around two full turns or more before it’s tight, and tension ‘er up. Try to get the end of the string to pass underneath on the first turn and above on subsequent turns, that creates a little slip knot so that the tuning will be more stable.

If there are strings on there already, remove and replace them one at a time–that way the banjo is never completely de-tensioned and the bridge won’t fall off.

It’s nice to have a tuning crank, it helps you turn the tuning keys faster and easier. Any music store–including that web link above–will sell you one cheap.

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