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What to Expect When You Attend Culinary School

Finding out what will happen on a regular basis when attending culinary or pastry school is definitely a great idea. How will daily life go? Programs will vary a bit based on the specialty you are taking. However, no matter your program, you will end up in classrooms, kitchens, and more. Many people don’t realize what all occurs in culinary school. Prepare yourself for a very busy schedule. Take a look at what your routine will be like when you go to culinary school.

Traditional Classroom
First, you’ll find that you spend plenty of time in the classroom when you go to culinary school. The first year of attendance will particularly include classroom time. Expect to learn basic techniques, including how to handle basic tools, safety techniques, and basic techniques for cooking food. Math and writing classes are often incorporated into your curriculum. These classes will help you when creating resumes or going through interviews.

Kitchen Time
Kitchen classes are also a part of going to pastry school or culinary school. The time in the kitchen will be important. Instructors will be there to teach you important techniques while you get hands-on time in the kitchen. You’ll be steaming, grilling, and even sautéing foods. This form of learning allows you to get hands-on experience and it’s just as important as traditional classroom learning.

Once you are near the end of your first year, you probably will have to do an externship. You’ll be able to experience real food service settings. This allows you to get even more experienced while being under professional supervision. Depending on the externship, it may last for several months. You’ll get some practical experience and you’ll get a look at all the options out there in the culinary industry.

Study Time
The day of a culinary arts student is going to always include some studying. While you’ll be doing a lot in the kitchen, you’ll also be doing classroom work. Studying will definitely be a necessity. You’ll also probably end up writing some research papers, which will require research and writing on your part.

Taking courses at a pastry school or culinary school can be a great adventure. However, if you want to be successful, you will need to study and work hard.

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