Scott Cao

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Could recommend some good brands/models of violins?

I am looking to upgrade my violin soon and I am looking for some good brands. I’m thinking about a Scott Cao. My price range is about $1,000.

The Cao are really nice instruments. I like the Yaun Qin as well. But, I’m going to give you the suggestion I give everyone else. Unless you are talking Guarneri and Strad, names don’t mean much. I would NEVER buy an instrument before I’m able to play it. Most reputable places will let you do that (Shar Music is one and they ship across the states). Also, be sure to check your local violin shop. Tell them what you are looking for and alot of times they have something in your price range. I did that with my violin (I’m a cellist and didn’t want to spend a lot of money) and he sold me an amazing violin for a lot less than he was planning to sell it for because we had a strong business relationship. Good Luck.

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