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Caring for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is definitely harder to care for than regular skin. But what exactly is sensitive skin? What causes it? And what products are needed to soothe it? Let’s find out.

What is sensitive skin?

According to dermatologists, an individual has sensitive skin if they are prone to skin reactions such as bumps, erosions, or pustules. Sensitive skin can also be defined by overly or excessively dry skin, as well as excessive blushing or flushing. These can all be signs of sensitive skin, so if you do experience any of these reactions listed above, consult a dermatologist to have your skin assessed.

Sensitive skin – what is it caused by

One of the main causes of sensitive skin is skin disorders such as dermatitis, hives, rosacea, and eczema. Sensitive skin can also be a sign of overly dry or injured skin, or overexposure to dangerous environmental factors such as sun and wind. Race, gender, genetics, and age can also play a role in the development of sensitive skin.

How can I care for my sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you probably already know that you cannot use many of the cleansers that work so well for other people. When cleansing your sensitive skin, try to avoid cleansers with soap in them.Both fragrance and deodorized soaps can cause skin reactions.Rather than using soap based cleansers search for ones that are soap free. Liquid facial cleansers and mild-cleansing bars are also good for sensitive skin. Containing lower pH values than soap, each of these will be more gentle on your skin than soap. Like all skin types, moisturizer is a necessity with sensitive skin. A good moisturizer will help your skin retain moisture, making it less susceptible to abrasion and drying.

What ingredients are important for sensitive skin?

When it comes to sensitive skin, the less ingredients, the better. The more ingredients a product has, the more likely it is to irritate your skin. You should also look for products that are fragrance free and that contain Butylaparaben and Methylparaben.

Are there any ingredients that I should absolutely avoid?

If your skin is sensitive, there are certain products or ingredients that you will want to steer clear of. As stated previously, try to avoid any products that contain deodorant or antibacterial ingredients. Also avoid products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoids, and alcohol.

Sensitive skin can be much more difficult to deal with than regular skin and can make it extremely difficult to find a product that does not cause irritation. Fortunately, there are products out there that are designed specifically for sensitive skin. If you have not yet found a product that works for you, speak to a dermatologist. They will be able to analyze your individual needs and recommend a product to you.

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