Series Solid

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Tactics Series by High Point Office Furniture- An Office of Performance and Exceptional Quality

Are you searching for office furniture pieces that is of great quality and is very affordable that possesses a refined luxurious glow? The Tactics Series is an office furniture series from High Point Office Furniture that can be bought for a very affordable price and offers top quality furniture pieces. Now you can work in an outstanding office that radiates a luxurious and elegant aura without spending so much money.

Features Of The Tactics Series By High Point Office Furniture:

The Tactics series is made up of elite hardwood veneer panels that presents the physical characteristics of wood and makes each furniture piece distinctive and stands out from the rest. Tactic includes finger pull drawer design, plinth base pedestals, and 3-ply balanced-panel construction that optimizes the performance of furniture pieces. Five-sided drawers present smooth-action, steel ball-bearing drawer slides, integral fingerpulls, and all-wood boxes with replaceable fronts.

A combination of drawer configuration or pedestal is also offered in Tactics Series. Together with a wide range of office furniture pieces to mix and match in several picks to create an office of your liking. You have the opportunity to choose what kind of furniture piece you would want in your office, from chairs, bookcases, storage units, conference tables, credenzas, and office desks.

The Tactics Series Is An Office Furniture Series That Can Accomodate Modern Technology:

The Tactics series also puts in mind the overall flexibility of your office. An extra open pedestal is standard in the connection corner of single pedestal desks/credenzas that features a grommet on the inside panel for CPU storage applications to support the technology of today and as a modern convenience. Having problems with disorganized wires in your office? Worry no more because Tactics series has overheads that present fingerpull opening, and curved back panel for integral wire management.

For sure, furniture pieces of Tactics series can grant you the performance, overall flexibility, style and affordability that you have always dreamt of in an office. Experience and office of superior quality and function and have an office made from Tactics Series by High Point Office Furniture.

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