Silent Cello

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Is the Yamaha Silent Cello (SVC-50) worth it?

Hello! I’m considering purchasing a SVC50 Silent Cello. They look so awesome and sound great. I played the cello for a long time when I was younger so I’m out of practice. I really want to get back into an instrument though.

Has anyone played this instrument. How have you found it? Was it worth the $$$ price tag?


$1500 to $2000 for the Cello
$100 to $300 for a good Bow I suggest Carbon Fiber
$150 to $500 for Amp and cables
The cello has built in reverb, but you may want more so either allow a bit for reverb pedal or make sure it is built into the amp.
Personally I think the outfit is worth the money, but want to make sure you know the total price.

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