Soprano Size

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What size ukulele should I start with?

I’m a guitarist looking to start up with the ukulele as well.

Now, despite the obviously easy transition to baritone ukulele, I’d rather start off with either the soprano, concert or tenor sizes.

I’m strongly leaning towards getting the classic soprano size, (as I’m also a sucker for small instruments), but I’d like to hear your guy’s opinions as well before I make my final decision.

What are the ups and downs of the various sizes? All comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

My suggestion is a Soprano or a Concert. They’re small and sell for a pretty good price. Sopranos are known for being a great starter size and it is the traditional size. I would go for a Lanikai or a Kala/Makala brand ukulele for a soprano. You can find some on eBay. There’s one specific person there, musicguymic, he’s from Hawaii. You can visit his eBay store (link below) and browse around. He has pretty good ukuleles for good prices.

Concert ukuleles are also good. More frets, a bit bigger, but a bit pricier. If you’re willing to pay about an extra like $20 or so for a concert I say go for it.
They would be a bit better for you because they have more frets, and as a guitar player, I think you’d like more frets.

I, too, started playing guitar. After a year’s worth of playing guitar I started playing the ukulele. I started and still stick with my Kala Soprano Ukulele that I bought on eBay from musicguymic.

If you’re willing to buy online I say buy from him. 100% positive feedback, well known throughout the ukulele community, and takes business very seriously.

Hope this helped, in a way. :]

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