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Stentor student 2 violin string question?

Hello. I’ve only owned my violin 3 weeks and have just been attempting to play a few tunes and work my way through violins for dummies book :) I do plan on getting lessons after payday this month. Anyway this morning whilst playing a scratchy version of old Lang syne my A string snapped! :( I’ve read alot of comments from people saying the standard string are not up to much and to replace them but my question is. Is it worth me buying a dearer set of strings when my playing far from warrants it, or would I still notice a difference. Also untill payday and new strings what should I be practising just theory or can I still play my injured violin?
Also just want to thank people who have answered my questions before iprofit phil understanding way even though they are incredibly basic :)
Thanks steve

Replace the whole set with a quality steel student set like Pirastro Piranito or D’addario Helicore. They will give your instrument a better sound than what came on it and won’t break the bank. If you need help with putting them on here is a link to instructions

Here is a link to descriptions of all the string brands

Here is a link to why strings break just in case there is a problem with the instrument that could have caused the break, you don’t want to install new strings and have the string break because there is a problem with the violin that needs to be fixed. Many new cheaper instruments are not properly adjusted at the bridge, not or pegs and thus strings can break even when new because of it.

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