Strap Flat

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Leading Flat Mate website offers a host of custom tailored ‘rooms to rent’

Establishing a foot on the ever changing, and at times, perilous UK property ladder is fast becoming an increasingly difficult act to follow, especially for the inexperienced, cash strap first time buyer. Despite the problems with the global economy, within the last two years the UK rental market has increased exponentially, driving rental prices to previously inconceivable new highs. Those in search of cheap, manageable rooms to rent options are more often that not met with a wall of extortionate fees, the average 2 bed house now costing in excess of £900 per calendar month. Flat Mate Rooms is an online company which has responded to the consumer requirements of a comprehensive, customer orientated room rental service. Both landlords and tenants alike are treated equally, producing a vast range of affordable rental opportunities throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Flat Mate Rooms is the new name on the rental market, easing prospective tenants through the daunting task of finding and pairing likeminded flatmates as well as allocating, then settling into the perfect UK location. For the landlord, there is the option of advertising up to 3 properties through picture and video upload and being free of charge, is sure to appeal to many. With all top UK destinations, including London, Birmingham and Manchester rooms to rent , Flat Mate Rooms draws hundreds of new daily registered clients, paying testament to its expanding popularity. Using their honest, upfront and user friendly approach, Flat Mate Rooms ensures the customer is always number one. Their loyalty to previous and newly registered clients is exceptional, the queue jumping option being an example, granting prime access to any arising rental advert or opportunity. The full advice centre, responding to all tenant and landlord needs is another key feature contributing to the sites popularity. Over 40 subject areas are covered in depth, acting as a quick referral point for issues such as tenancy agreements, basic guides to letting, rental charging and much more. The full mapping service enables both landlord and tenant to view all rental properties before full commitment is made. Placing a house share or rooms wanted advert could not be simpler. The site is organised for total customer ease of use, allowing the tenant to place details on up to 5 desired locations and when completed, negotiations with the associated landlords can begin within minutes. By collaborating with trusted companies, such as Endsleigh, insurance matters are dealt with effortlessly by Flat Mate Rooms, offering enticing deals to both Landlord and tenant. For all room rental options, within the UK’s most revered property locations, be sure to visit For further information visit

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