String Minstrel

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Harp owners, which harp should I buy?

I was thinking of buying a harp. I love the sound and would enjoy being able to play one. Im not thinking of becoming a professional or anything, I want to play just for fun. They don’t sell them where I live, so I found some on eBay. Can someone provide me with some insight on which one I should buy?

Since you are in another country, I can’t give you much advice. Do NOT buy any harp from Pakistan. For someone reason they have a really crummy sound.

Since you are looking at folk harps, buy something with levers. They allow you to change notes to sharps or flats (depending on tuning and which strings have levers.)

Unless you are well off, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a harp until you see if you like playing it.

I suspect the harps you are linking to are Pakistani. They don’t list the manufacturer, which is a big clue. Quality 1 Trader sounds like an importer, not a harp company. (I just checked and they are an important company for stuff from Pakistan and China.) They don’t know harps since they call them sharpening levers when they are sharping levers. (Might sound trivial, but I wouldn’t want to buy from someone who doesn’t know harps.)

I don’t know if you can get them there, but personally I’ve used a Sharpsicle and a Dusty Strings.

Go to a harp store, if you can, and listen to the sound while you pull on the strings. See what you like best. More strings will give you more options for music to play. 26 strings is a good starting place.

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