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Richer by 4 strings: Violin & Viola’s at your command

Music can shape nations, likewise Violins can shape life. (Their origin comes from the Latin lands, ‘vitula’ meaning a stringed instrument.) The Violins are rich instruments of influence, they are made by Luthiers, or plainly the Violin makers, who have been crafting the modern version of the violins since the 16th century in Italy, these are Italian families that have been crafting (giving importance to kind of wood, too). There are many such makers like Gasparoda Salo, Giovanni Paolo Maggini and Stradivari that are considered legendary.

It’s good to be influential, but heck, it’s even better to play with the influence of the 4 stringed families. The somberness of the notes melting away in your own fingertips and the Violin bow piecing away the variety on the GDAE and the large resonant boom of the Violas. Time and time again, man has always chosen leisure. Strings have become his friends because there is this thing about having a ‘sole’ (read: soul) friend that you can take away to wherever your feet allow. Thus, don’t give up on those moments of power, when your will is rested on your chin and the destiny is in the grip of fingers and life comes out as a medley that provokes a million other spirits, to listen (and sigh, mostly remorsefully if they don’t have an instrument). Don’t worry, its takes a maximum of two years to learn any skill. There are Violin rentals that can lead you forth, go ahead. Get your Viola, Violin (both with a Violin Bow, of-course), get instructed and get playing. Einstein used to play his Violin whenever he was bored out of his wits; somehow that ‘leisure’ did lead him to his perfection. I say, search your inner being – rest your fingers on those four and find the instrument within.

Violin Rental makes it possible for you to rent out these masterpieces and enjoy the beauty of their sound. Imagine the beauty of walking into a store and picking up the designs from Italy, Germany or Austria and playing to your heart strings until you hit the tune. You can let the influence of such mastery take over you and lead you to realise the notes put together by your dreams.

It could be an idea for a perfect date. Sit by the candlelight, open your violin case and just bow it away, smoothly turning around the curves of the notes and the beat in your head. Though like any other girlfriend, the first base is the toughest. You have to tune a violin – it’s more like your girlfriend testing your skills. If you don’t tune good (which is tough as you need to simultaneously turn the knobs and the pegs at the same time), one should be careful. Then when that is done the bow needs to be raisin-ed. Its like working it up and making it ready with a grip. I am sure, you can recollect much of your dates. Its much better this way, at-least you get to keep your violin. Though, I can suggest violin renting one out too, if you need some escorting to get done. You know what I mean.

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