Strings Light

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Guitar strings – Light Or Heavy Gauge?

I play Amon Amarth songs (highly bass oriented metal) and im wondering if using heavy gauge strings would make it sound better. Right now I use D’Addario Light Gauge strings and have the treble on my amp at zero, and my bass at max, but it doesnt sound… heavy enough? Would Heavy Gauge fix this problem?

Both Johan and Olavi play Gibsons, but tuned down to B. I’m not sure if they tune them like the bottom 6 strings of a 7 string (B E A D G B) or B standard (B E A D F# B), either way, you’re going to need some big fat strings. Grab some 11’s or 12’s. Heavier strings would also give you more bass response, although it could also be your amp and pickups (or guitar)

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