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Review Of The Martin D16GT From A Real Owner

When I visited a guitar center three years ago, I noticed that it was the final year that the Martin d16gt would have a bridge and rosewood freeboard. This was the last time before they would begin to use micarta. Although I had been practicing for nearly a year during this time, my knowledge of guitars was limited and I was in need of buying a new one. I was well aware of Martin’s reputation. I tested and played all of the models offered that were priced below $1300. I decided on this model and bought it because I liked this one the most.

The tone sounds really great. In my opinion, it is a great strumming guitar. The volume also sounds great when it is more aggressively played. Not only does it look pretty but it is simple to play as well. It was easy to set up and it continues to play very well. This guitar is a good deal for the price I paid and it is not dressed up with a bunch of cosmetic stuff that looks too fancy.

There are times when people want fancy cosmetic things however this model does not have a lot of volume for delicate things except when 12s are used. Since I like to play jazz, this is not the best guitar for fingerstyle or soloing. However, the sound is fine for rhythm-based stuff as well as comping. I may be better to get an Archtop for jazz music, not a Martin. A Martin Gold Plus can help with the volume issue and it is great for bringing out good sound. It is possible to use a Cutaway to get this sound as well but the quality may not be a good.

While checking out a review a user mentioned that yellowing was occurring around the neck and bridge. An experienced shopkeeper told him that there was a problem with the bracing underneath which was causing the problem. I have this same issue so I went to the best Luther I could find in Louisiana. It was very easy to find him since he lives in my town. He mentioned that dye was leaching from the rosewood. He also mentioned that this was simply a cosmetic problem and that it happens all the time with these guitars. This usually occurs when the guitar gets hot or left in an overheated place like the back window of a car. Although his words were a little discouraging, I still like the fantastic quality this guitar provides.

The Martin g16gt is a great deal for the price offered. It is also excellent for acoustic rock and folk genres. It looks great and sounds awesome.

The guitar doesn’t look fancy however it packs amazing tonal quality. It is quite easy to play since it accepts light gauge strings such as the Martin extra light springs. There is no significant loss of overall sound or volume. This is a big and important feature for players who have sensitive fingers. If you like the feeling of being massaged by your own sound, then this model is definitely for you.

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