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Advice On Picking Appropriate Wedding Invitations To Suit The Style Of Your Big Day

A couples wedding invitations play more than just a practical role. They do more than announce your celebration and tell your guests when and where to show up. Invitations play the part of showing off your personal style to your guests and you can have much fun designing them.

Locating your style

If you are not quite sure what a suitable style is, there are a few steps that can help you out. First, consider the type of wedding dress you would like to have or that you have already chosen. If the dress is simple or traditional, you may want your wedding invitations to be the same. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to show off your classical or minimalist style via your invites. In contrast if your dress is bolder or unique then you have the option of choosing invitations that are a touch more edgy. A mix of intricate designs, dazzling colours and oddly shaped invites can provide the vehicle to make the style statement you have always dreamed of. Keeping the dress and invites similar in terms of colour and design will ensure that you provide a constant theme throughout the wedding day.

Considering themed weddings.

If you are having a themed wedding you have the opportunity to go really crazy with your wedding invitations choice. Themed wedding ideas are limitless, from beach weddings to zombie weddings. Themed weddings tend to be fun and memorable and you should aim for the same goal with your invitations. Be certain to include some reference of the wedding theme in your invitation design.

What to write on your invitations

The wording of your invites can play a large role in setting their style and also the style of your wedding. Where you have opted for a traditional or classical theme be certain to include the full names of bride and groom. Rather than abbreviating dates and address to numbers, the full words should be used. If you are going for a more modern wedding then you can use initials, numbers and abbreviations wherever you like.

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