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Things That You Can Do To Have Your Site Rank On Top Of Search Engine Results, According To SEO Expert Josh Hoopes

For those who want to get their sites reach the top page in search engine results, Internet Marketing and SEO expert Josh Hoopes offers the following recommendations.

When linking externally, you should use anchor texts containing your keywords. This has been adjudged by most industry experts as the single most important factor in getting your site ranked highly for your targeted keyword. Those who are already into SEO for some time may say that we’re wasting our time rehashing a fairly obvious SEO strategy, but basing on the huge number of sites all over the web who are unable to take advantage of this important strategy, this particular lesson cannot be stressed more than enough. This is an absolute waste of one of the most helpful tools in SEO, one which could have gone a long way towards increasing their site’s ranking. Hence, it’s critical that you choose a keyword which you want to concentrate for your site, and use it as your anchor text in times when other sites want to link back to you. You can always choose to communicate with the administrators of those sites which are linking back to you and request them to perform some slight modification on their anchor text so as to incorporate your keyword. But you should make sure that your keyword is utilized in such a manner that they won’t look like spam, or totally unrelated to the overall flow of the linking article.

The credibility of the sites which are linking back to you is also crucial for SEO. One way for the search engines to assess if your site is credible or not is to gauge if you are popular with other websites, and this will certainly help you in vying for a top spot in the SERP for your targeted keyword. And a reliable way for them to determine if you are popular or not is to account the number of back links that your site receives from other websites.

But the sheer number of back links is not the only consideration however. Search engines will also consider the quality or credibilty of these sites which are linking back to you into their algorithms. Hence, it would be advantageous for you if you do some research into the background of the sites which are linking to your own site. Usually, if a site is ranked highly by the search engines, then it would be safe to assume that they are deemed as credible sites. It’s a case of quality over quantity, but you must also bear in mind that in the highly competitive world of the internet, you will need a lot of these high-quality back links if you want your site to register even just a speck on the SEO radar.

Your links should come from diverse sources as much as possible. The diversity of different sites that are linking back to your site also matters when it comes to SEO. What this means is that, as much as possible you should be accumulating links from different internet tools such as social networking sites, educational sites, forum comments, rss feeds, direct mails, high profile sites, blogs, etc. Even if the search engines implement another round of algorithm updates by placing more weight on one format over another, your site won’t be greatly affected since you have already taken the effort in spreading out across different formats so that these policy changes would hardly make a dent on your site’s ranking.

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