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How can I start learning violin and what should I buy to start up?

Ok so i am a vocal music major but have decided to begin taking lessons for violin next semester. So obviously I need a violin. I want to know besides the actual violin, what do I have to buy? I was googling and saw stuff like rosin, bows, violin strings, violin mute, bridge, fine tuner, adjuster, peg, and some other stuff. What should I buy?? Also, I do not have very much money so does brand matter a lot? Or is a cheap one the same? Where can or should I buy everything? Im clueless any help is appreciated thanks! C:

Beginner outfits come with a bow, rosin and case, and any halfway competent dealer will set up the violin with bridge, strings, pegs, tuners, tailpiece, and chinrest.

Extras you might want to buy include a shoulder rest and electronic tuner.

Brand matters a lot. If you get one of the really cheap brands they sell on Ebay you’ll be spending most of your time struggling to keep it in tune and get a sound out of it, and the odds are quite high that you’ll have to spend another $200-300 in the first year fixing the things that go wrong with it. You’re much better off buying a decent beginner violin from a reputable dealer that will make sure it’s in playing condition before it leaved the shop.

Your best bet is a good dealer in your own town. The teacher you find will be able to give you advice about instruments. If you live in a small town far from any string dealer, these online dealers carry good beginner instruments:




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