Tuner Setup

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Problems with TV Tuner cards.?

Windows media center pc. Vista.
Auvitek ATSC tuner and Hauppauge HVR 1800.
The hauppauge has a radio tuner as well.
However, at any one time I can either have windows media center allow 1 TV tuner and the radio installed in WMC, or 2 TV tuners and no radio. In that case it says no radio tuner installed will have to go through tv tuner setup to set it up.
So I don’t know what to do.
The radio tuner will work through the default application it installed with. But I want to use WMC to control it and both tv tuners. Anyone have this problem?
Oh, and if I go through the setup again it never recognizes the radio.

Simply put, WMC isn’t designed to handle that many devices. I believe Vista’s version of WMC accomodates that setup but I haven’t yet confirmed this.

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