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Guitar Lead-different parts of guitar

To play the melody lines through guitar, guitar lead is used. Guitar lead is the guitar part which enables the melody lines. When one wishes to play the single note based lines or the double stops, one usually uses the guitar lead for that purpose.

In the band or in some orchestra when the beats like jazz, pop, fusion, punk, blues etc are to played then there two guitarist are into scene, one is for the rhythm guitar and the other one support in the lead guitar lines.

When effects produced have to be distortion one then the chords and riffs are used which are consisted in the rhythm guitar. The main notes which a guitarist has to keep in his mind is scale, notes, arpeggios, licks and riffs to produce the lead guitar lines.

There are many genius guitarists who even use their feet, teeth, or other body parts to impress their audiences. To maximize the speed of solo performance or riffs performance, tricks of lead guitar lines are used. These tricks are very much appreciated by the spectators and are in great demand.

Jazz style has many different tricks and techniques of its own, and the guitar lead has the major artistic deviations in it.

The lead guitars have many different features such as: Electric Spanish has solid body and double pick up with tremolo rod and it also has the case. Another feature is electric Spanish with solid body which is fitted with one hum bucking pick up at bridge position and two single coil pick ups at the upper position and it also has the case. Yet another type is Electric Spanish body which is fitted with two hum bucking pick ups and it also has the case.

There is also the type available which has Electric Spanish, solid body, fitted with one single coil pick up and two hum bucking pick ups, with case. More types are Electric Spanish, Hollow body, cut away, with ‘f’ hole, fitted with two hum bucking pick ups, with case. And the other feature is Electric Bass, solid body, fitted with two hum bucking pick ups, with case. And finally the feature which is available is Electric Bass, solid body, swing Bass, with case.

Guitar tuner also has a very important role to make when the deviations in the tones are made. Pitch which has the open string to produce some of the realistic tuning effects is one of the use of the guitar tuner. These pitches are known as standard pitch and are used world wide.

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