Tuning Kit

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Troubleshooting SQL Server Tuning

Methods of troubleshooting SQL Server Tuning issues is difficult, as it depends on the problem that needs to be solved.The first step, regardless of the issue being addressed, is to get an overall picture of the server’s health.Wait statistics are the best way to find out.System wait statistics must be understood prior to SQL Server optimization.They are predictors of bottlenecks within the system.Once you begin to look into causes for increased wait times, you can then begin to locate and determine specific solutions for poor performance.

SQL Server Optimization Methods Are Determined by Wait Time Statistics

Whether you are using SQLOS or third-party monitoring solution to track system wait statistics, they are the best starting point for SQL Server Optimization.Accurately describing performance issues can be difficult for most non-technical end users.Problems are usually described as a process taking longer than usual or expected.When you have very little technical understanding to work with, understanding which processes are taking longer than they should be to execute is helpful.

Examine Virtual File Statistics

Understanding why the problem exists at all cannot be understood by reviewing the wait statistics alone.Oftentimes, only looking at wait statistics can cause a misdiagnosis of the true problem.Always consider both statistics – Wait and Virtual File.Virtual file statistics will show:

– The number of reads and writes on each data file
– Log file reads and writes
– I/O stalls

Relying on any one piece of information for SQL Server tuning is not advised for an accurate diagnosis.With all of the factors considered, a clear path for SQL Server tuning can be managed.To do so you must look at both wait statistics and virtual file statistics.Other factors to consider are performance counters and plan cache usage when considering overall server health.

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