Tuning Pegs

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An Overview of Database Tuning with Oracle Database Tools

Wait time events, their location and their repair, are the foundation upon which you must build your Oracle Database Tuning efforts. You can do this by using Oracle database tools. These OEM tools, combined with other third-party database monitoring tools, will enable you to effectively monitor performance of your Oracle database environment.

STATSPACK and AWR are the Oracle Database Tools that are most relevant to performance monitoring and database tuning. These tools can be used to produce snapshots and report statistics for system performance over a specified period of time. Use STATSPACK and AWR to capture information about:

– Statistics for database performance
– Types and number of wait events
– Latches
– I/O data files
– Contention occurrence
– Activity of the library cache
– Rollback segment statistics
– Buffer pool statistics
– System events
– Types and numbers of session events

These statistics enable DBAs and IT groups to understand how their databases are performing. The data can then be used to define and implement database tuning efforts that will address performance problems.

Delivering On-going Performance and Maintenance with Oracle Database Tools

Performance monitoring and Oracle database tuning must be continued over a sustained period to ensure the best outcomes. Best results are achieved when you understand how your database performs under specific usage conditions. This can be achieved through long-term trend analysis. These database tools can monitor your entire Oracle database to create hour-by-hour and day-by-day reporting to compare database statistics over a specified time. This kind of analysis is necessary to creative predictive models and isolate specific performance issues. Detailed monitoring will present clear trend patterns that exist in all Oracle databases. By knowing those repeating periods when a database is undergoing stress, they can take appropriate action in order to alleviate the problem.

You can also configure STATSPACK to automatically alert you using Oracle exception reports. You can set specific performance parameters that will be monitored for exceptional conditions. When these thresholds are met, you will receive an automated email alert notifying you of the performance issue.

Oracle database tools are an excellent way to automate the collection of performance statistics and evaluate the overall health of your Oracle databases.

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