Ukelele Strings

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Best brand Ukulele strings for general use?

Just purchased my first Uke, I know the bog standard strings fitted to a string instrument are not that great. I was just wondering what are the best Ukelele strings?

Am I right in thinking Aquila?
Its a concert size if that makes any diffence.

Aquila are very good strings, that can really bring a cheaper instrument to life.

BUT – big but! – it is better to try a few types of string on your uke to find what works for you!

I would personally put Aquila, Worth and Martin Flourocarbons in my favourite string list, and use them all on different ukes. Many people get stonewalled into Aquila aquila aquila and whilst they are great strings, they are not necessarily right on every instrument and to every ear.

Dont be afraid to experiment

List of links all about strings below.

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