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The Growth of Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting and its Perks

The technological innovation of slicing surfaces with high pressure water jetting was created over a couple decades. The beginning of creation got its start during the 1950s when Norman Franz, a forestry engineer, attempted to use this technological innovation to cut lumber. Years after this, Mohamed Hashish, a research scientist, made the decision to add abrasive substances to the water to boost effectiveness. This discovery, along with the work of American entrepreneur and hydro-engineer, Yin-Ho Michael Pao, lead to the advancement of ultra high pressure water jetting. This occurred throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In current times, water jetting is utilized for cutting, drilling and milling on a regular basis.

The tool utilized, called a water jet cutter, is capable of cutting into metal, granite and other substances through the use of high velocity, high pressure water. One more way water jetting is done is using water in the same manner, but with an abrasive material added to the mixture. Industries across the board, for example aerospace and mining, use this approach to produce components for diverse machinery and other devices. Not only can this technological innovation be utilized to cut through steel, fiberglass, concrete and far more, but it also features results with minimal distortion.

High pressure water jetting is also an environmentally friendly practice. It creates zero hazardous waste, which means minimized waste disposal costs. It also uses a small amount of water that the emitted water can be recycled by means of use of a closed-loop system. Lastly, it is safer for staff to use as this approach gets rid of airborne harms, like smoke and dust. The only thing ultra high pressure water jetting lets off is water vapors.

This technological innovation has been growing with time and is becoming more widely utilized in an array of industries for a variety of jobs. It is safe for employees to make use of, provides relatively accurate results and is environmentally friendly.

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