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Our Take On The Schwinn 140 Upright Stationary Bike – An Incredible Riding Experience

One of the upright exercise bikes right at the top of the popularity stakes is the Schwinn 140. This bike is from the Schwinn Fitness company, also renowned for its road bike range. Ignaz Schwinn started this company way back in 1895. It quickly reached the forefront of the American bicycle industry. This review will be about their fitness range and not about their bicycles though. The benefits, specifications and other information related to the Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike is reviewed in this feature.

The exericse bike has numerous advantages that go along with it. The mechanics of this certain bike greatly outweigh those of any other. They have a total of sixteen different resistance levels that can be altered with just one touch. Schwinn 140 is also assisted with a 20-pound flywheel. Everyone can have comfort and stability with these. It utilizes core muscles to balance out a person’s body weight.

The seat has ample room for comfortable sitting, and it can be adjusted both forward and backward. Even the tallest person can work out in comfort with the height adjustment feature. It also comes with large and well-designed pedals and handlebars that are comfortable to maintain grip on. For effective pedaling your knee, ankle and hip are aligned win a one degree tilt with which their dual density premium foot pedals are manufactured.

17 unique exercise programs are integral. (two user profiles are also available for custom workout) which also include 8 various course profiles. Users can set their own target heart rate. For the purpose of easy fitness supervising, they are accompanied by telemetry-supported, integrated HR (Heart Rate) procedure.

Other great features of the bike are that it runs smoothly and is extremely quiet. It is a quiet unit but does have the usual sound that comes with all exercise equipment. With fitness bikes that are not appealing in look and feel, there is a higher desire and approval for this beginner’s fitness bike. Its huge built in levelers along with stabilizers contribute to its smooth functioning.

Last but not the least, users will be delighted to see that this bike has a very robust frame and is also manufactured of high quality substance, thus making it a better option when compared to other similar products of its class. The new bike will show its competitors a newer competition.

The product dimensions are 42 by 21 by 52 inches or 107 by 53 by 132 cm (length, width, height. Furthermore, the weight of the whole machine is 88 lbs. The maximum weight supported by the product is 300lbs or 136kg. Finally, it comes with a 5-year warranty for frame, 1-year warranty for electrical and mechanical related issues and a 3-month warranty for all wear parts. By the way, if you feel you may want a recumbent style in its place, please make sure to take a moment to look into the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

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