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Fundamentals of Various Stringed Instruments-Violin, Cello, Viola

Cellos, violins and violas are types of string instruments. A stringed instrument is one which generates sound due to the vibration of the strings present. The violin comes with four strings and is tuned in the perfect fifths. Musical instruments like the cello and the viola are aid to belong to the violin family which is said to have been developed in sixteenth century Italy. But how are violins, cellos and violas different from each other. The violin is the smallest of the three but is the most high pitched. The viola, on the other hand, comes in between the violin and the cello. The cello is larger than both, the violin and the viola. The cello produces a very deep and rich sound. It is played by resting o the instrument on the floor in between the two legs.

Getting a good cello is not an easy task. There are several factors that must be considered before buying one. You must check the tone of the instrument in order to determine its quality. A cello must have a loud sound, in fact the louder a cello is the better it is. As the cello ages its sound gets better and deeper. This is because cellos are made of wood and as the wood ages and becomes hard the resonance of sound improves. When selecting a cello you must make sure that the plates are not very thin; else the sound produced will deteriorate.

Most people prefer renting a musical instrument instead of buying it. If you wish to learn to play the violin you must get a violin rental. You will find several stores offering violin rentals. These stores offer good instruments at affordable rates. Renting a violin makes more sense for young boys and girls who want to learn to play the instrument. The violin size for young people is small and cannot be used when the child grows up. When a grown-up plays the violin he must use the standard size. Thus, renting the violin is a good idea when young but not after one grows up because the instruments offered in rentals are mostly second-hand instruments.

Whether you buy a violin or rent it, you must not forget the violin case. The violin case is important because it ensures that your instrument remains safe and is protected from any bumps and scuffs. Violin cases come in different types of materials and getting a violin case ensures that the sound of your violin is not affected due to any injury.

The instruments belonging to the violin family are an integral part of classical music. Nowadays they are also used, although to a lesser extent, in various popular music genres like rock, jazz or electronic music. When used here their sound gets amplified and they are made to be used as electric instruments. You will find the violin being used a lot in country music, fiddle music and folk music. In classical chamber music, a common grouping is the usage of one viola, one cello and two violins.

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