Viola Bows

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how much does a viola bow that has dyed hair cost?

i am a beginner violist and the person who sat beside me broke my bow and i would like one with pink bow hair, but i would like to know how much it would cost.

I don’t think you will find a price for a bow already with colored hair, there are just too many choices of colors and too few people wanting it to pre install the colored hair in a bow. Many violin shops will rehair a bow with the colored hair of your choice, but if you play in a group, I wouldn’t recommend you put it in your only bow. If it is just for fun, you can purchase a Glasser fiberglass bow and have the colored hair installed. The bow would run around $35-45 and the rehair with colored hair another $40-60. You might also ask the shop if they can just rehair a used bow and you can get that for a better price.

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