Viola Outfit

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I would like to know what to look for in a new Viola.?

I would like to buy one that is good quality but not overly expensive. Under a thousand dollars for the outfit. I’m a beginner and want to learn for enjoyment. So I would like to know such things as what wood It’s made of Country of origin. etc. Is China ok? etc.
The following is the description of one that I’ve been looking at $550 dollars.
Manufacturer: Kreisler
1. Kreisler #120 Viola Outfit (Beginners) Details

An ideal instrument for beginners or school programs, the Kreisler #120 series is well-built, reliable, and produces a bright tone. Each instrument is hand selected and set up by us ensuring consistency of quality. Its ebony pegs and modern tailpiece makes tuning easier, eliminating the hassles normally associated with cheaper violas. Made in China.
Thank you so much for your help. I really apprieciate it.

I agree with Techfiddle – a proper setup can make a world of difference with these beginner instruments. They should have the bridge cut properly, decent strings, real hair on the bow, etc. Here’s a place that imports pretty good instruments for a good value:

I would not recommend buying anything like that on eBay.

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