Viola Violas

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Getting to know more about the violin, viola and cello

The violins, violas and cellos are different types of stringed instruments. Stringed instruments generate sound with the help of a vibrating string, the string being made of metal, some synthetic or natural material. It varies in length, thickness and weight. The material used to make the string as well as its dimension has a significant role to play in the quality of sound produced. If the strings are heavy and thick the vibration will be slow and that would produce a low pitch. On the other hand, if the vibration is fast enough, the sound produced will be high pitched.

, which are the smallest and the highest pitched members of the string family, are instruments that have four strings and are tuned in perfect fifths. Informally, the violin is called the fiddle. A person playing the violin is known as a violinist or fiddler. The violin is played in several musical genres which include classical music, jazz, Baroque, folk as well as rock and roll. The violin is also played in several non-western cultures across the world.

is another string instrument which forms the middle voice in the violin family. It lies between the violin and the cello. A viola is made of a similar material as a violin. Its construction is similar to that of violin but is slightly larger. Someone who plays the viola is called a violist. The viola is the second highest pitched member of the string family. If you have ever watched an orchestra you will have seen that violas form a small part of the orchestra. Violas are mainly part of the harmony while the violins are played as solo instruments.

is another string instrument which can be played either by using the violin bow or it may also be plucked to produce sound. Cellos are usually made of wood and they come in a variety of sizes. Cellos are popular instruments and several music pieces have been written purely for a cello. A cello is mainly played in classical, romantic or Baroque music and is an important part of any orchestra.

violin bow
is a tool that is used to play the violin. The bow is used to pull across the strings which cause them to vibrate and produce sound. A violin bow can also be used to play violas and cellos. It is usually made of wood and has some other material stretched between its ends. After you get a violin bow for yourself the next thing you need to purchase is the violin case. You can easily find several types of violin cases in the market.

If you wish to learn how to play the viola, you must first obtain the instrument. It can be obtained either by purchasing it or by renting it from a
rental shop. You will easily find viola rental shops anywhere and they will provide you with violas at cheap rents.

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