Violin Labeled

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I have a violin labeled made by Laumann Robert, Budapest. How old is it? Is it valuable?

The label inside the violin has also No. hangezer.keszito 295 Budapest, V11, Erzsebet-korut 36. Appears very old as finish has crazed. The accompaning bow has bound wire counter weight.

Violin for sale: Robert Laumann – Budapest, 1922.

This is a full-bodied, rich and even-toned instrument by a recognised European maker, eminently suitable for professional and solo work.
It is in excellent condition for its age, and has been examined by C.A. Vatiliotis (Sydney) who has assessed it as being free of any cracks or structural problems.

It was last sold through the establishment of A.E. Smith (it bears a catalogue number ‘4187’, stamped at the end pin, and an A.E. smith bridge), during the early 1950’s. (A number of performers have expressed surprise at the instruments’ actual similarity, both in appearance and tonal qualities, to a good Smith instrument- that is, a rich and singing ‘Italian’ sound that stands up to the rigours and demands of serious professional performance.)

Reference to the maker in the Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers, by W. Henley reads as follows:

LAUMANN, Robert.
Born 1870. Pupil of Bruckner. Established at Budapest, 1895-1928.

Medals gained at Paris, Budapest, and Vienna. Careful modelling of the Stradivarius.
Workmanship good, but without especial neatness. Yellow and red-brown varnish, rather supple. Often wide grain belly wood, and small figure maple. Responsive tonal quality, and fairly mellow for its age.

Laumann Robert
Budapest, 18..

This particular instrument, was made in the makers’ middle-to-late period, and bears a label with the standard information, as well as being signed and dated 1922 inside the instrument (underneath the belly).

It is being offered for sale at the price of $20,000.

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