Violin Light

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Do different sizes of violins have different pitches?

A viola just seems like a bigger violin with a deeper sound, A cello is the largest and has the deepest sound. So, is a 1/4 sized violin lighter pitched than a 4/4? I know nothing of violins but would like to know how to play one, so I was just wondering what size to buy. I am a dude at 5′ 8″ but have no idea what size would work.

No. An ‘A’ on a full size violin is the same pitch as a 1/4 sized violin…however the tone quality is different. The sound on a full size violin resonates more and has a fuller sound than a smaller violin. You would need a full sized violin. 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sized violins are for smaller kids. Although a 4/4 violin is more expensive, it is really the size you need.

Good luck!

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