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Violas and Violins are most favourite musical instruments

The cellos are a bowed based string instrument. It has four strings in perfect coordination with fifth the one. It belongs to the violin family. Cello was created in the 16th century in contrast to bowed instruments of the time like as viola and violin. By the 18th century cello had replaced other bowed based instruments. The word cello is derived from the Latin term, violoncello which means small sized violin. It was only during 20th century, it got its name cello from the long abbreviation of violoncello.

A person’s how plays cello is called cellist. Cellist usually plays cellos in an orchestra which has eighty to twelve members. In such groups, there is one principle cellist who determines bowings for the rest of the member of the group.
is also played solo; there are concerts where one single cellist plays the cello. Cello was used to play classic music but now it is also used to play rock music, jazz, pop etc.

Cello is basically made from wood traditionally but now it is also made from other materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber. Strings of cellos are made from titanium, chromium, aluminum. In the older days its strings were made from the guts of goat or sheep.

also belong to the family of bowed strings instruments. It is of western origin but now it is universally accepted instruments. There is tradition to play cello in special occasion and it’s also played in concerts. Now violas are also used to create music in jazz, pop, rock etc. Violist is the person who plays viola. It is generally played in orchestra or solo in concerts. Viola has heavier stings. It is lower pitched instruments which produces mellower sounds. Tuning of violas is very important, on its fine tuning depends the pitch of the sound. There are four strings in viola tune with fifth strings.C3 is the lowest string of viola while D4, A4, G3 are the other three.

Violin also comes under the category of string instruments. It has highest pitched instruments. Violist or fiddler is the person who plays violin. Violin is the origin of 16th century but it got its modern trendy characteristic only in the 20th century. Now there is also electrical violin which is much easier to produce, since it does not require manual striking of its strings. Violin is used to play number of music such as pop, jazz, rock etc.

It is not necessary always to buy a violin, you can rent it. There are many violin rental shops available, to cater to your needs. Violin rental is especially suitable for new beginners or children who are new to handle it. For renting it you need to deposit some money with shop keeper of violin. This is security money.

Violin Bow is the most important part. Violin bow should be congenial to hold. There are many shops where violin bow are available but before buying any, one should do through check of it. Any minute defects in it can cause havoc to your music.

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