Violins Set

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Are Evah Pirazzi good violin strings?

I just got my violin set up with Evah Pirazzi’s. I was using Dominant’s for quite a while but the repair guy said that the Pirazzi’s would be good on my violin. I have a Juzek violin, naturally a bright instrument. I would like to know some pro’s and con’s on these strings.

There strings are great. I have had these for a long time and they are great. They produce a good tone and are soloists strings. They have a clear sound that can be recognised over any other string. How ever when I play for 8 hours a day the A string snaps every 4 weeks or so and they are quite expensive to replace. I tried the obligato strings but they were even worse. You can purchase a chrome A string which lasts about twice as long and makes a warmer tone. Overall there a good string.

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