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Buying Quality Wood Furniture

If you are buying wood furniture then you should try to get the best quality pieces that you can afford.

There are a few ways to ascertain whether a piece is good quality or not. Firstly it will be crafted from solid wood rather than having a mere veneer. This means that it will be stronger and more durable – obviously desirable when you are paying out good money for furniture.

The variety of wood it is made from will also influence choice. Hardwood varieties are often used for furniture because many of them are strong. Hardwoods include walnut, oak, cherry and birch. The variety of wood will give the overall colour if a natural finish is wanted. If not, wood can be stained or painted to change the colour. If the piece is coloured, make sure that the colour is applied evenly and that there is no trapped bubbles or dirt. The colour should be rich which means that it has been built up over several coats. The furniture should also be painted or stained on the back and underside too to help prevent shrinking or swelling.

The design of the piece is also very important for the overall look. A good design should stand out as being beautiful to the eye – whether you like a rustic or modern look.

Looking a bit more closely at the piece – it needs to be put together well. The joinery will tell you how well it is made. Quality joints can be mortise and tenon or dovetail. A good piece of furniture will not have any glue showing and it won’t be stapled. Everything should look professionally done.

Check that all surfaces are smooth – even those that aren’t on show, and check that any moving parts have a smooth action. Look at the furniture from different angles – it shouldn’t have scratches or blotches.

The only time that it is acceptable for there to be dents and scratches is if you are buying a piece that has been deliberately distressed to give it character and the appearance of age. Even so, the look should be good and done with care.

If you are buying a chest of drawers, check for a dust panel between the drawers. It will make for a stronger piece and help stop dust.

Obviously the furniture needs to sit flat on the floor and it has to be sturdy – try rocking it slightly to see how it bears up.

For some people, the origins of the piece will be important. Look for locally sourced wood that has been crafted by a local furniture maker. This is better for the environment because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions from transportation, and better for the local economy.

If money isn’t a major issue for you, you may do well to find a quality designer furniture company that can totally customise your piece for you when you order it. This means that everything down to the trim and finish will be exactly as you want. You could look at something like the Quercus furniture range.

Whatever furniture you decide to buy, you will never regret choosing quality.

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