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Excavator Attachment Chippers – What Are the Various Wood Chipping Attachments

There are so many different types of chippers that are available for wood chipping and shredding. Each one of these has its own advantages and can be put to use for many different reasons and in different settings. Let us have a look at some of the attachments that are available for wood chipping and shredding purposes.

One of the best wood chipper attachments available is Vermeer HG6000 and HG6000TX ; this is fundamentally a horizontal grinder cutting drum which can often be converted into a chipper or shredder by employing the fuel chip attachment that is available with the same company. The sole drawback is that you need at least four hours to install the attachment for chipping purposes. But the benefit is that single equipment is enough as it doubles the role of both grinder and chipper. There are specialised screen available and the user can also control the intake speed thereby controlling the size, shape and quality of the material being chipped or shredded. This is particularly satisfactory for people that need to use it for biomass facilities.

The second one is the Fecon RTC-22 biomass chipper which has the capacity to chip as well as collect up to thirty tons of biomass in just one hour. This high-performance equipment is installed with a 22-inch capacity chipper attachment which makes this task practicable. Aside from the very effective chippers, the gear is also installed with a 365-hp diesel engine for excellent performance. This attachment can be fitted easily on the framework of any kind of forestry forwarder.

The third in the list is ProGrind’s Pro 50 series wood chipper attachments that can be mounted simply on excavators. The chipper head gets power from a 440 h.p Cat C13 ; this chipper attachment is highly beneficial and also flexible for several activities. It has the capacity to chip all sorts of trees and can also be used for mulching purposes in areas scattered with the wood chips.

The next one in line is the John Deere chippers belonging to the WC11 series. The Frontier wood chipper model is ideal for a variety of purposes be it cleaning a chunk of land or for hard commercial jobs. Two knife sets are installed on this chipper which is fitted in using toughened and recessed bolts. The shear bar is alterable and has a toughened anvil. The revs per minute of the rotor is 1920 and the apparatus features a one year guarantee period.

Article By Rizvana Abdul

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